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  How it Works

It's very simple. Just register and purchase 'calling time' with your credit Card - online. Then, call the access number from any one of your registered phone numbers and Presto - you are ready to make calls from anywhere to anywhere, internationally. Enjoy our crystal clear razor sharp voice quality without making any dents to your pockets. And that's not all! You can use our service from any unregistered numbers as well.

  Benefits @ GlobalHello
  • Anywhere to anywhere
  • Crystal-clear-quality calls
  • 24/7,customer service
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Balance Updation
  • Share and earn call credit
  • Online Signup
  Easy Signup @ GlobalHello

Our aim is to provide you unmatched voice quality coupled with customer friendly prepaid long distance plans that is sure to leave a smile on your face. So, sign up with us online now and save those extra dollars to fulfill your other dreams! It will just take a few minutes, we promise.

  iPhone , SmartPhone & more Apps

Download our FREE mobile apps that give you the power to stay connected 24x7 with anyone in this world.