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International Calling Services

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Features & Benefits

No Switching Necessary:
You can use our service through your existing mobile/landline connection, does not need to change your existing service provider.

Use From Registered Number:
You can use our service through your registered numbers, which you have given us at the time of purchase. While using service from registered number you do not need to dial the PIN no. So no more hassles for dialing long numbers.

Use from Any Phone:
You can use our service from any unregistered numbers as well. To use from unregistered phone number you need to Dial the PIN no. to verify the identity of your account. You can take unique PIN No. from our 24X7 customer support desk.

Use While Traveling:
You can save with Globalhello long distance calling service while traveling. You can use this service from any payphone, hotel or restaurant phone across the country. Just dial the access number of that city or dial through the Toll free number, and enter your unique PIN number and dial the destination number and enjoy talking. (You will be charged an additional fee by using payphones or Toll free numbers.)

No Hidden Charges:
There are no access fees, connection fee or daily maintenance charges or any other hidden fees associated with GLOBALHELLO long distance calling service. (Please check with your local service provider for dialing access numbers).

No Monthly Bills:
No tension of keeping a track of paper bills.

Quick Access:
Globalhello offers the convenience of CLIP recognition so you do not have to enter a PIN number each time you make a call. Whenever you place a call from your registered numbers, you only have to dial the access number and phone number that you wish to call.

Immediate Balance Updation:
We use state of the art technology and CRM systems which automatically reads your balance number of minutes which you have balance in your account when you dial the destination number (this minute calculation is based as per the destination number which you are dialing).

Online Account & Billing Management:
Log onto our website to review, manage & track your account details online.