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GlobalHello Symbian Mobile Dialer

In order to install the Dialer for Symbian click on the link given below. It is because of the current version is uploaded to our website.

Users can download it from our web portal without any additional preparations.
Step1:- Click on the link
Step2:- Press Install button.
Step3:- Press confirm button.

After installation close the download link and you will be able to setup settings for Dialer and launch the application. Enter the Activation code received.

To configure SIP accounts, open the GlobalHello dialer. In the appropriate fields enter the login id and password received.

Next step: go to the phone settings and then Codec's. Make sure that G729 is enabled. To make a call just dial a number in format: country code and destination number.

For example: - For India dial 91 along with 10 digit mobile number.

You are ready to make calls!!!

Note: You should be connected to 3G Internet or wi-fi internet for using this application. Charges may incur for using internet if not using unlimited plans (check with your local service/ internet provider).

Installation process images:

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